Why forklifts cause accidents

There are many reasons why forklifts cause accidents and are such a workplace hazard:

  • They can weigh in at up to 9,000 pounds That is three times heavier than most automobiles.
  • They can move at up to 18 mph (29 km per hr)
  • Unlike a car, forklifts only have brakes in the front. So they are more difficult to stop.
  • Forklifts are heavier in the back because this compensates for the heavy loads that they carry on the forks in the front of the truck. This uneven weight distribution makes it tricky to handle a forklift and requires a skilled and well trained driver to operate correctly.
  • A forklift can be turned by using the rear wheels. This makes the rear end of the truck swing out. however it increases the possibility of tipping when maneuvering through tight turns.
  • Forklift loads are carried (as a rule) at the front of a lift truck on the forks. This obstructs that the driver’s view.
  • Lift trucks are typically used to carry or raise heavy loads. When the forks are lifted they can be raised to great heights. This of course, creates a hazardous situation under the load, for anyone below on the ground or nearby.
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