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VIDEO: Forklift moves park car to make room for truck

Annoyed at a car parked on the road? No problem. We have a forklift! See a forklift move a parked car to other side of the road in this video.

Details in this forklift video

In this 2:30 minute video, an Australian forklift driver, and his buddy, decide to move a legally parked four-door car with a Mitsubishi forklift out of its position curbside so that they can park a wating truck in its place. (Notice that the video is shot from the cab of the waiting truck equipped with a camera.)

They use a cardboard box that has been cut open as a barrier up to protect the car’s paint job from scratches and scrapes as it is lifted and moved.

Then after a first attempt at position the forks with the propane powered lift truck, the drive repositions. His worker pal then adjusts the makeshift cardboard barrier. After that, the driver puts the forks under the car. He then lifts it off the ground. He manoeuvres and turns the forklift with car and  then actually moves the vehicle down and across the street. The car remains steady on the forklift forks the entire time. Once across the street, the car gets lowered and deposited in front of a white van in a new parking spot, and facing the opposite direction.

Imagine the surprise of the owner of the sedan, when he or she came back from lunch, or meeting, wherever he or she was to find the car in a different place on the street, pointing in the other direction. Makes me wonder if the workers told the car owner, or just left them to find the car for themselves, and to figure out what the heck happen.

Location: Australia

Video Runtime: 2:30 mm:ss

Video was sourced from YouTube.com

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