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Fatal forklift accidents caught on video

forklift deaths - fatal accidents on video

Too many forklift accidents are fatal

The sad fact is that forklift accidents cause many unnecessary deaths each year, typically because safety precautions are not followed by lift truck operators. Below are videos of forklift deaths. They show these horrible accidents caught by security cameras as they happened in warehouses and loading yards around the world.

Viewer discretion is advised as these videos show people being killed by lift truck equipment

Female worker killed, crushed by off-balance forklift

This one in horrendous. Woman is killed by forklift. She tries to help stop an off-balance toppling forklift and is crushed to death.

Worker gets killed by flying debris from moving forklift

A forklift in a yard drives over an object propelling it sideways like a missile hitting another worker in the head, resulting in another forklift death.

Truck driver is killed by falling forklift load

This forklift drops materials killing the truck driver who arrived to receive the load.

Truck driver killed in cab by 4-ton container

In this fatal forklift accident, an operator hits a stack of 4 ton containers and it crushes a truck cab and its occupant.

Statistics on forklift deaths:

Note: That not all of these deadly lift truck accidents occurred in the United States. However, OSHA statistics indicate that there are about 85 forklift fatalities and 34,900 serious injuries each year in the U.S..  Of those, 42 per cent of the forklift fatalities are caused by the operator being crushed by a tipping forklift.  Find out how heavy a forklift is on WarehouseIQ.com

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